Minerals in Zimbabwe FAQ Frequently asked questions

01. How to post a listing/ad

In order for you to get to post on this platform you will need to register either for free or on a premium level which is a paid option. On the top right on the platform click on register and from there you will get the relevant fields to be registered on the website.

02. Is this website safe?

Safety is the purpose of our moderation and facilitation process therefore if you are in contact with someone from our platform you will be held 100% responsible for any damages or losses that you will incur and none will be passed to Zimminerals.co.zw unless you use the Facilitation process or request moderation of a certain deal.

03. Can i put a banner advert?

In order for you to add a banner advert on our website you click on the advertise with us page in our main menu bar and from there you get various options and price range.

04. What is the purpose of Facilitation or Moderation?

This is a service that we offer on our website where we look or help you source the things or mines you require from our verified and trusted sources from the platform which means we will be acting on your behalf and notifying of any development, meetings and the legitimacy of the sourced items. We help you and carry the burden of losses and everything on a certain fee for the service(s).

05. How do i request for Facilitation/Moderation?

In order for you to request for our service you simply go on the Sourcing Request tab on the main menu and fill in the fields as accurately as possible and we will respond to you in 12 hours or less.


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