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Dorcas Mining Company (Pvt) Ltd a Zimbabwean fully registered indigenous entity was granted a special grant under EPO 07/11 to explore and mine Platinum, Gold, Nickel, Palladium, Rhodium, Osmium, Iridium and Ruthenium in the Great Dyke area in Gwamadhuve, Masvingo Mining District in the South-eastern part of Zimbabwe. The special grant lies in the same area as Unki Mine and Mimosa Mine which are the largest producers of Platinum in Zimbabwe. The area is approximately 9485 hectares in extent. The resource potential is high in the area with Platinum-Group-Elements (PGE’s) that also include palladium, rhodium, Osmium, Iridium and Ruthenium.
The economic PGE elements concentrations are restricted to Sulphide disseminations of the Main Sulphide Zone (MSZ). The MSZ economic potential in the Great Dyke area is estimated at 4 400 000 000 tonnes at 4,3gr/t. The in-situ potential of the Great Dyke is comparable with parts of the Merensky reef and the UG-2 later of the Bushveld Complex. The area in EPO 07/11 is part of the eastern margin of the Shabani Schist Belt and is underlain by lenticular masses of serpentine and ultramafic complexes, and by metasediments and felsic volcanic. A portion of the area consists of older gneiss traversed by several dolerite dykes.
Map Reference- Masvingo SF-36-1 Edition 2
The Special Grant area is bound on grid references 36KSN920310 proceeding to 36KSN980340 proceeding to 36KSN980420 proceeding to 36KTN038420 proceeding to 36KTN052370 proceeding to 36KTN050316 thence on a true bearing of 267 degrees for a distance of approximately 13.1km to the starting point.
The area under EPO 07/11 is a Greenfield. A program of works and exploration budget have been done and approved by the Ministry of Mines. An analysis of the exploration done by adjacent mine Mimosa will give indicative findings of the area.
The grades and tonnes at a mining height of 1.8 metres for Mimosa’s four ore-bodies namely the South Hill, North Hill, Mtshingwe, and far South Hill blocks.
Tables below show insitu grades
Measured Insitu Grades
Pt (g/T) Pd (g/t) % Ni % Cu Rh (g/t) Au (g/t) Co (g/t) 4Es (g/t) Measured Resources (Mt)
1.989 1.54 0.166 0.139 0.162 0.37 50.317 4.061 15

Indicated Insitu Values
Pt (g/t) Pd (g/t) % Ni % Cu Rh (g/t) Au (g/t) Co (g/t) 4Es (g/t) Measured Resources (Mt)
1.799 1.415 0.186 0.147 0.162 0.379 38.859 3.756 25

Inferred Insitu Grades
Pt (g/t) Pd (g/t) % Ni % Cu Rh (g/t) Au (g/t) 4Es (g/t) Measured Resources (Mt)
1.949 1.47 0.16 0.145 0.172 0.356 46.278 14

Oxides Inferred Insitu Grades
Pt (g/t) Pd (g/t) % Ni % Cu Rh (g/t) Au (g/t) 4Es (g/t) Measured Resources (Mt)
1.949 1.47 0.16 0.145 0.172 0.356 46.278 14

Inferred Resources (Mt)
North Hill 44
Far South Hill 22
Mtshingwe Block 44

* Please note that the geological and mining losses have been applied to get the indicated
and measured resources in tonnes

Mining and Production
Mining is by underground room and pillar method. Geologists rely on visual markers for grade control. The visual markers used are mineralogy, texture and sulphide densities to mark the position of the reference line (140 cm wide) at an average of 2g/t.
Table below shows Monthly production of Mimosa Mine from July 03 to December 03
Month End Ore Milled Platinum Palladium Rhodium Gold
(tons) feed (g/t) Net Kg feed (g/t) Net Kg feed (g/t) NetKg feed (g/t) Net Kg
Dec 03 102 467 1.804 147 0.152 107 1.350 11 0.300 20
Nov 03 117 295 1.820 169 0.157 119 1.353 13 0.306 23
Oct 03 116 360 1.864 174 0.181 125 1.382 14 0.324 25
Sept 03 121 154 1.896 178 0.162 135 1.407 14 0.324 25
Aug 03 104 070 1.937 159 0.170 112 1.144 12 0.294 18
Jul 03 113 586 1.947 172 0.172 122 1.89 15 0.302 18

Ore haulage from underground to surface is by means of conveyor belts. Ore is fed directly to the processing plant. Dried concentrate is packed into bags and sold on the world market. In the year 2003 Mimosa mine drilled 37 surface exploration diamond drill holes totaling 5754 metres.

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