2 Limestone concessions with a full geological survey


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Our client owns the concept idea, the land, the limestone licences, and a full bankable feasibility study.

• 2 Limestone’s concession with a full geological survey;
• 50 Hectares of land;
• Full bankable feasibility study, including a marketing research, a financial and economical study and more;
• EIA approved by the government;
• CPI approval
• Ministry of Industry and Commerce approval and licence issued;
• Ministry of finance approval for tax reduction;
• A strong political support;
Negotiable proposal Based on the above, we are opened for any partnership proposals to further develop this project. Must be clear though that we at the client prices healthy relationships, based on mutual trust and ethics. We want to develop this project knowing we are developing our country, and hoping that our potential partners share our same vision. Any project need to have the right economical anchors, must be financially feasible and must have the lowest risk possible. This mega-project has something else too: a strong social side! Population will benefit from this new infrastructure in a life changing way. This may change the entire social district by creating new social stability in the implementation area.

The idea The idea is very simple: build a full-cycle cement factory near Pemba; the mechanisms are more complex. For this matter our client has created a company (vehicle)and managed to obtain the needed land 80 Km west from Pemba, on the national road to Palma and Nacala. The plot is approximately 50 hectares, and is located on an area designated for industry. Limestone is also guaranteed, as the government has granted to the company two concessions, respectively 175 km and 27 km apart from the main plot. The entire geography of the project is ready for kick-off, leaving the technical part to be assembled on the run. In terms of energy there are different solutions that may be matter of debate: 1. There is a high voltage backbone line 100m from the land plot, where EDM (National Electricity Provider) can provide until 40MV. All needed infrastructures to use this energy must be financed by the project; 2. Produce the electricity internally; the Mozambican law grants energy production for internal use without the need of any licenses; 3. A compromise between the two. The environmental study (EIA) was approved by the government and issued in August. The technical projects have been submitted for government approval, and have been approved in early September 2014. The limestone base survey is already available, just waiting for the geophysics as last step. The project should be divided into three phases:

Phase 1 – Install silos near the port with a packaging machine in order to import cement from broad, package it, and start to create a local brand;

Phase 2 – Create a clinker-base factory, using Pemba port to import the needed clinker and dismiss phase 1;

Phase 3 – Upgrade the clinker-base factory into a full-cycle factory using the limestone from the concessions. This will speed up production and diminish the investment risks related to the development speed of the region. Phase two must start before 2017, as the government is approving a law obliging every cement factory to upgrade full-cycle shortly.

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